Passion for Tanning


In 2005 I decided to open Glow with my husband Dwayne. I was severely burned in a tanning bed. I walked in to the cheapest place I could find, handed my money over, and was sent into the room. I had no lotion, no eye-wear, and no idea what to do. I figured the best thing to do was get undressed. I set a timer which resembled something my mom used to keep track of our Thanksgiving turkey, and pressed start. When it was over, I said thank you and left. A few hours later my whole back was horribly burnt.... my front was ok because no one told me to lower the canopy. It was a horrible experience that I never wanted to do again. After some research I found out that was not the safe way to do tan and decided that Oroville needed a educated salon that centered around one specialty, which was safe tanning.

Thanks to Oroville's continued support we have replaced all the equipment, added sunless faux glow, and lowered the prices. Our goal was simple; to offer reasonable rates that everyone could afford, even when times were tough. We stand behind all of our skin care and have personally tried everything on the shelf to ensure the client receives the best product for their skin. 

Glow has allowed us to be active in certain charity's and raise community awareness. Autism Awareness and Breast Cancer are two that are very personal to us.

We are actively involved in dog sport's as a family and the preservation of our two favorite working breeds; the Cane Corso and the Belgian Malinois